• Specialists

    Andrey, 39 years old

    Thanks to JUNIJA Jobs, I have been working in the building company in Germany for half a year. The process of paperwork is long, because not everybody can apply for the German permits. However, in JUNIJA Jobs, thez processed the entire package of documents professionally and I received a visa. During the paperwork, I had the opportunity to improve my knowledge of German in the courses. I am very satisfied with the work, because I work officially and I  get a big salary. For good achievements, the employer plans to raise me. I plan to continue working here and is very grateful to the agency for their work.
  • Specialists

    Petr, 37 years old.

    When I heard about the possibility of legal employment from JUNIJA Jobs in Germany, of course, I treated it with suspicion and distrust. Because all the offers that I had previously got were too risky and illegal (“business trips” with a Polish visa or on biometrics). The manager of the agency clearly and professionally explained the whole long process. All my documents were processed and prepared by the managers for submission, translated into German. JUNIJA Jobs has organized German courses for us during the time we were waiting for results. And so, after a few months I got an official permit for a year to work in Germany, I realized that I took advantage  of the most reliable agency. I am currently working in Rastatt, Germany. I continue to learn German (employer paid the courses). But the most important thing is that I work on my previous specialization and I can  improve my experience of mechanics according to European standards. I recommend this agency to everyone!
  • Operators and drivers

    Marina, 37 years old.

    I want to express my gratitude to the agency JUNIJA Jobs for the opportunity to work in Hungary as line operator. This work is not an easy one, but I receive a good payment that is more than I got used to. For me it was a unique opportunity to work officially on the territory of EU. The managers of JUNIJA Jobs did all the organizational issues with the documents for of me, quickly and professionally. We appreciate all efforts that JUNIJA Jobs has made for us in the whole process of application and employment. We trust the best agency in Ukraine
  • Operators and drivers

    Vasilii, 27 years old.

    Hi, my name is Vasylii, I am working in Slovakia as a forklift driver. JUNIJA Jobs helped me to find this job, the work is not hard and quite interesting. A big plus is a free accomodation with good conditions, as well as free transfer. The main advantage is that we work in the EU Dofficially. My friends and I work safely without fear of verification and deportation. Therefore, I am satisfied with the work! At the weekend we visit the capitals Bratislava or Vienna. We get acquainted with European cities.

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